About Us

Hello and welcome – we are Safetynet IT

We provide first-class IT support and services to SME’s (Small to Medium sized Enterprises).

We work with every size of SME, from startups looking to expand through to larger SME’s with several sites across the UK and even globally.

The company was started by the Managing Director, Jake Harrop, working on his own from a bedroom at home and over 10 years has grown into a team of specialists working from our office and workshop in Bowdon, Cheshire.

We pride ourselves in being an ethical and honest business with a focus on building long-term relationships with our clients – the first client we ever won is still with us over 10 years later.

Danger – shark infested waters !

Now, more than ever, we see many so-called reputable IT companies engaging in misselling and profit gouging all in the name of GDPR compliance and cryptolocker prevention.

If you have any reservations at all about a quote you’ve been given by your current supplier, please get in touch for an honest second opinion without any obligations attached.

Safetynet IT’s philosophy has always been to put ethics before money, because we believe working relationships based on trust and mutual respect are great for our business as well as yours.

The Team

Jake Harrop

Managing Director

Ethan Fryer

Engineer in training

Kwasi Nuamah


Ben Cotton

Second Line Engineer

Eve Lund


Alex Harrop


Daniel Angell


Chris Totton