On-site Infrastructure


As you would expect, we proactively monitor and maintain your on-prem hardware and software to keep it in optimum condition and to be automatically notified of emergent faults, so that we can fix things before they actually go properly, productivity-affecting wrong.

However, monitoring doesn’t just always give us bad news – for example, we’ll also be able to tell if your current hardware is being under utilised, so that we can unlock its potential and improve your systems with little to no additional cost.

If you do have concerns or are experiencing problems with your current setup, please contact us, as we can usually identify the root cause through the audit process.

Performance Auditing

Speak to our team about auditing your kit. Find where bottlenecks and security weaknesses lie for immediate action.

On-site Infrastructure

Management of existing infrastructure including on-premise servers can be expertly performed by our engineers.

Technical Support

Get remote and on-site tech support with our engineers.

Cloud Services

Cloud services can offer high availability and highly scalable solutions.


Keep secure and GDPR compliant. We specialise in keeping machines patched up and secure.


Voice over IP (VoIP) provides a phone system over the Internet which comes with much lower costs and cheaper calls.